My husband and I are the owners of two dogs, one who is 16 years old and another who has had some recent health problems. Recently our pups have been having accidents on the white carpet which was very upsetting to my husband and me until I started to use your product. Not only have the stains been coming out but the carpet smells like it was just shampooed. We love your product and wanted to let you know that! 

Thank you so much,

- Sincerely, Rhonda Wachtel

It was great talking to you today. It is rare that I have the opportunity to write a letter of praise for a product. I usually find that most products are over-hyped and don’t always do what they are advertised to do - definitely not the case in your  product.

We purchased our kennels back in May and knew that we had a lot of work ahead of us to make them meet our standards. What we didn’t anticipate was an odor of urine at one of the entrances to the facility that was resistant to a number of disinfectants, a fresh coat of paint , removal of the baseboards and a number of creative ideas.

We were literally about to tear down the walls in that area of the building when I saw the ad for your product. I called and spoke to a very knowledgeable representative a placed an order- fully expecting that I was throwing away more money but willing to try almost anything rather than face the tear-down work and its potential effect on your business.

Well, I placed the diluted product in a spray bottle and again sprayed every nook and cranny that I had already sprayed with industrial disinfectant, bleach and other products. Much to my amazement, after the scent of your product had dissipated there was no other scent than clean air in kennels. It’s been over a week since the application and the urine smell is gone. Needless to say, you have a customer for life.

Thank you so much,

Stuart R Goldstein, Dogwood Farm Kennels, Columbus, NC

I bought your product last summer at the Pasadena animal fair.  I have  bought about  three gallons so far. I love your product. I use it on cat feces on my lawn one day. The odor permeated in to my house - HOW AWFUL!. I used your stuff, my house smelled great. My neighbor’s daughter played on that same lawn, she did not have to get grossed out by the smell. My other neighbor laid on the lawn to get a tan. How wonderful no stinky cat “poop” smell! I love your stuff. I tell all my friends about it and I share it with them.

Gratefully yours,

Rita Cellar, Bakersfield, CA

"Our old standby, 'Natures' Miracle' was pretty useless. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with the product."

- Paul Woods President & CEO Odyssey Advisors, Los Angeles, CA www.odysseyadvisors.com

"I couldn't survive without it... I use it everywhere, everyday!"

- Chemaine Almquist Owner & Operator Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Phelan, CA www.foreverwildexotics.com

"This product is the best stuff I have ever used!! I tried Petastic, Natures Miracle, Urine Off and every other product on the market, nothing worked until I used your product. I would never use anything else! Thank You!"

- Elsa Torres Pugs & Pals, Chatsworth, CA www.pugdogrescue.com

"Every one of our beloved pets will make mistakes now and then. I have searched high and low for the perfect odor remover. Past experiences have left me constantly buying one product after another. This product was my last stop on this endless journey. This product is the real deal."

- Christopher Ameruoso Editor in Cheif, Paw Print Magazine www.pawprintmag.com

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